I'm Digging KungFuGrip

I have a confession, after studying Chinese culture for 5 years, I still don't know what kung fu action grip is. I just know that I want it.

If such a legendary grip does exist in the world of web comics, I think we may have found it. Justin Gibbs has come up with a new way for web comics' creators to pimp their wares and fans to find new strips to get their fix off of, KungFuGrip.com. The site uses the tried and true Digg.com method of letting people vote (or Grip, as it's called at KungFuGrip) entries that they like. The more Grips an entry gets the better spot it gets on the site.

There's just something about watching random strangers battle for my love and attention that brings a tear to my eye.

As a junkie I'm always looking for an easy way to find more strips, this is a great way to do it and to give those that I like a little bit of help. It's a new site and is still in BETA but I intend to hang around for a while.

One another note, here at Digital Strips, we've always known that we're cool. Recently, however, it's been harder than ever to deny. In the last few days since we've released our new site both PVP and Order of the Stick have released new layouts for their sites. If you haven't taken in the newness yet, check it out.


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