17 thoughts on “Interview with Brian Clevinger

  1. The interviewer was lame. The person being interviewed was even more lame, however. The self satisfying smugness, coupled with the lame “I’m trying to be funny” answers, made for a video that physically pained me to watch.

  2. +5 interview of amazingness! On Brian’s side, anyway. If this interview was a fight to the death, Mr. Interview man was totally pwn3d. Sword chucks kick ass! …and I can’t think of anything else to say… that I haven’t already said at some sort of secret blog location anyway.

  3. Oh Hoity Toity Whiteman, for that is what you are, I feel that you need to be less critical of the Interviewee, as he was merely trying to entertain us, the viewing audience. Even if he was failing miserably or that his very visage makes me sick, at least he tried and you can’t blame the man. Much. Maybe. Also, I sense that if you were t o meet this guy face to face, you’d get along very well at your deepest interests. Also, I can’t help but think your dislike from him must come deep down from some immense self-loathing created by some baby candy theft in your past.

    As for the interview, I mostly just tuned the dialogue out and focused upon how much evil was emanating from him. I mean, the sheer amount of karma there implies that in both his past life and current life, he stole candy from babies and ate them. The candy I mean. Hopefully.

    Also, I neither understood what the guy at the table’s name was, nor heard any word he said. Which intrigues me to no end. Intriques me to burning things….

  4. ja, that was funny

    way to go mr brian, indeed you are as horrible person as you are damn funny, wonder if you prepared all this stuff or just improvise, you could be a good comedian. The robot proyect looks hot and i sad coz i can only fond your book on the “internets” since i live in mexico. Still i want to buy it but the damn sheeping fee are damn expensive (they shall fear the wrath of my wheelchair one of this days)

    so anyway, great interview, that was awesome, keep up with the comic and tell black mage that if he ever have some time to spare, i would personally like to meet him in some dwarf town and just chat, i can bring a flametrower just for the kicks ^ ^. Once again great job and keep being a horrble person in the world, i for one cant match the level of horribleness that you have achieved.

    Later ese y sigue asi de chingon

  5. Well this was far from a professional interview and it shows, but still, interesting for people who know Brian’s work. Especially because now we know the dark truth that he is a robot. Good luck on your mission, whichever it is, Brian-Bot!

  6. you know, at some points, i wondered if perhaps the interview came off a tad bit rehearsed. perhaps it’s best to chalk it up to awkwardness

  7. Great Interview
    Brian, you could tell something more about your other books and comics, but hey, 8-bit theatre rox and so does you, of course you are a horrible person.. and we (me, my friends and my brother) love it ^^

    (sorry for my bad english)

  8. I must say, that was interesting. You can tell that he’s the kind of person who has a really good sense of humor, but that humor is better expressed through writing/his comic. Still a nice interview.

  9. “Hoity Toity Whiteman” I think that’s Mr.Clevinger in disguise. Not sure, but that’s the sort of thing he would do. Because he’s a horrible person. Have to admit though, he’s better at writing than talking.

  10. Long time 8-bit reader.
    I love this interview to no end, you horrible person.
    … You’re hot, Brian.
    Teenage nerd-girl telling you that.
    Protect your family.

  11. See, as a huge fan of Brian Clevinger, I didn’t really expect his interview to be spectacular. There’s a reason you don’t see his face all that often; he’s not really into the whole papparazzi thing.

    It’s interesting to note that some people suspect the NPC dialogue he’s “not writing” for the DS RPG “not mentioned” is for the game Contact. Perhaps for the Professor. Hmmmmm.

  12. You know, I just have a hard time accepting the fact that anyone even vaguely associated with nuklearpower.com actually exists in real life, so I surmise that this “Brian Clevinger” they were interviewing was merely an actor portraying this obviously fictional character and that the interviewer was, in fact, Jonathan Coachman. All of this, of course, was filmed in a massive soundstage constructed by the governments of several nations in order to keep the myth alive.

    You’re fools for buying into it, every single one of you!

  13. Good God, he’s a nerd! I’ll never read 8-Bit Theater the same way again. Because he updates really slow. That horrible person.

    A krakenoid’s weakness is lightning.

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