All Your Movie-based Strips are Belong to Boxcar

After going around the board a few times as the little Scottie dog, Boxcar Comics seems to have a bit of a monopoly on their hands. With a little reshuffling and recruiting, Boxcar in now home to three of the biggest movie comics on the Web.

Multiplex, by Gordon McAlpin, has joined up? with Theater Hopper and the rest of the Boxcar collective, bringing the number of total strips to 15. This is especially good for me because they all line up in 3 rows of 5 silence my need to rearrange them when they had 2 rows of 5 and one of 4.

Multiplex is once weekly strip that follows the adventures of an intrepid crew of movie theater employees, proving that anyone who works for minimum wage is talking bad about you once you leave. The strip has a unique art style, and I find it funny. If you haven't read it yet, go read it now.

Boxcar has also decided to replace The Coffee Achievers and Nothing Nice to Say, which are no longer updating, with San Antonio Rock City and Joe Loves Crappy Movies which are updating and by the same people so I doubt anyone's feelings were hurt.

And if anyone’s feelings were hurt by me not including you in the biggest three movie comics, I apologize, you can blame Phil


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