12 thoughts on “Interview with Jennie Breeden

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  2. Excellent interview with Jennie. I met her last year at Dragon*Con and was more impressed with her after meeting her than I was as just a fan of her web comics.

  3. Just wanted to thank you for making this available. Jennie is one of my favorite web comics people, and her print comics are one of the only 5 that I get every issue of to read as well.

    It’s a great interview, and she provides lots of valuable insight into the way web comics and print comics work from an indie point of view.

  4. Someday I’ll run into her or go to a convention and see her and I’ll have no clue what to say. I own all the books, I have read the comic religiously since 2002 when I discovered it. I am a giant fan and she is such an interesting person.

    Of course, when that day comes I’ll look and run away in total shyness. Le sigh…

    Awesome interview. Thanks for posting it.

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