DS 79: Interview with Platinum Studios

Digital Strips : Show 79
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I promised and I’m actually following through this time. After a week of back and forth I talked Platinum Studios’s Scott Rosenberg into coming onto the podcast to discuss their challenge. We go into many of the details that have been complained about and even explore his opinions on the world of web comics.In this episode we talk about:

  • Platinum Studios chairman Scott Rosenberg
  • Comic Book Challenge hosted by Platinum Studios
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    3 thoughts on “DS 79: Interview with Platinum Studios

    1. Who broke the podcast???
      I can only hear the answers, not the questions!
      The intraview is surprisingly Daku-free!

    2. It would appear I broke the podcast but not really. Due to what happened when I first recorded the podcast I changed the recording settings to record in stereo. This means that Scott is coming over the left speaker while I am on the right speaker.

      I did not have time to figure out how to mix the two tracks to mono so unfortunatly you\’re going to have to listen in stereo for this one until I have some more time.

    3. Yay me, I figured it out. I can apply a quick fix if you simply can\’t deal with the split audio until I upload again tonight. I would just like to make the changes to the master project so I don\’t lose in sound quality by hacking through the exported version.

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