Web Comic Wrap-up

Yep, it’s another post from me today. I bet your wondering just how I managed to do that when I’ve been so consistently absent. Well I’m not going to tell you the story of breaking free from the chains of oppression and answered those questions three that were asked of me. So sit back as I pour through a long list of tasks and fill up your RSS feeder with my random babblings.

Elf `n Troll – I don’t know how Tony keeps it up but he’s completed his fourth serial for this delightful fantasy strip. “Temple of the Dwarf” has begun serializing online over at 01Comics. The adventure grows a bit darker as Perri the Elf has gone missing and Angus steps in to the Silent Wood to hunt for his missing friend. During his search, Angus happens upon an ancient Dwarf temple where something sinister is lurking within.

Chronicles of Garas – One of my favorite graphic comics has just completed it’s third chapter. Now if only there was a book to buy! Go there now to see fantastic fan art by Zairyo.

Muffin Time – The second book has just gone up for sale. Many new adventures are in store for the lives of animals like monkeys and bunny rabbits. There are over 115 comics including the super-humungous X-mas ’05 strip that spans across multiple pages. Additionally, there are also a few illustrated poems and a forward written by Ryan Estrada.

The Off Chance – Two years! At the beginning of the month this colorful strip made it to the two year mark. I guess that makes another strip I have to read. Starting to find there are too many of these established strips for me to keep up with.


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