Here is Where We Toot Our Horns

The site may have been empty recently but the staff has had its hands full. Shall we do the rounds?

Bomb Shelter Comics – I know what you’re thinking. Is this another podcast talking about comics? What the hell is wrong with that? There’s a new collective out there and they’re leaving no marketing stone unturned. On their third podcast they even got in touch with me and asked if I could join them. While you’re listening be sure to check out some of the members such as Leftville, Today, Combustible Orange, and Chooken.

Amazing Super Zeroes – Every webcomic has to have mile markers and Jason Sigler has just made his first. Ten days ago saw the 100th strip and its still going strong. What better way to celebrate then picking up a copy of your very own Super Zeroes book!

Transplant Comics – The guys hosting our little forum have climbed up to 16 members and are still going strong. They have t-shirts, calendars, and mugs for your perusal. So the only thing left to ask is why haven’t you joined them yet?


1 thought on “Here is Where We Toot Our Horns

  1. Oddly enough, I think the only time we\’ve actually talked, at any length, about webcomics is the show we did with you, Daku.

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