One Year and a new job

Today: The Comic turned a full year old on May 19th. Chad Diez, creator of the Today, will be putting up guest strips for the entire month of May and ending June 19th. He’s also going from a Monday and Friday only update to a Monday, Wednesday, Friday update schedule to make room for all of the guest comics that poured in at his request. The normal Monday and Friday update schedule should resume after June 19th.

When I asked him how he felt about his comic turning one year old he told me that he was very proud of the huge response it’s recieved throughout the year. He went on to say that he views this anniversary as a first step towards bigger things and he has no plans of abandoning the comic for any reason.

This probably couldn’t come at a better time for a webcomic creator. Just as his one-year anniversary came up, Chad also got chosen to be one of the artists in rotation for The Pet Professional. Looks like things are coming up great for Chad right now.

So, a big congrats goes out to Chad Diez for keeping Today: The Comic going for one year and being picked up for a spot with The Pet Pro. May you see many more years to come and many more headlines to make fun of as time goes on.


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