Not the Greatest Epiphany Ever, but I’ll Take What I Can Get

I’m a torn and twisted man. I have a serious medical condition where I am easily addicted to stuff but I have the patience of a seven-year-old on his birthday. I get hooked on any form of serial entertainment and then I go crazy waiting for the next installment. I can’t go into work until I see the next X-men movie. I’m serious; I have a doctor’s note.

I know myself though; I understand my weaknesses and live my life accordingly. While I love the idea of a web comic telling a long, drawn-out story, I’ve never had the desire to keep coming back every update just to read a few more words of the story. The delivery option just doesn’t work for a 21st century digital boy like me.

Epic story strips like these are great and I’d hate to think I’m missing out. They tell stories that most (not all) gag-a-days never could. So what’s a sugar crazed boy to do?

I’ll be honest, I was a little mad at myself when I though of it. Every other strip I read, I read every update. But that doesn’t have to be the way it is. In fact, I think there and many strips that it works better not to be checking everyday. By instead checking back every month or two just to catch up with what’s happened.

I’m sure plenty of other people out there and reading this and thinking “Man, The Geek is a dork,” and you’d be right, but I’m sure there are a few other people like me who this will open up a whole new world of long story strips that you’ve been avoiding. If I can recommend a few I’m getting into: Flipside, Inverloch, Chronicles of Garas and Akida.

On another note, I’ll be disappearing for the next six weeks or so. Don’t cry, we’ll be reunited soon enough.


1 thought on “Not the Greatest Epiphany Ever, but I’ll Take What I Can Get

  1. It\’s a fitting epiphany.
    It is the \”curse\” of long form webcomic-ing.
    We encourage people to come back and read large chunks of the story. Of course that doesn\’t help our traffic. 😛
    A large percentage of people who read pandaxpress only read it every other week or once a month. I TOTALLY understand. Which means we have more people come to the site than our traffic indicates.

    Oh well. Geek, you speak words of truth about reading long narratives in big chunks.
    Me…I need to read the Alpha-shades, Inverlochs, Applegeeks, etc. as soon as they post a page.

    I guess I\’m just a sucka!

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