Web Comic Wrap-up

You’ll Have That – I’ve always thought selling artwork was a great gauge of just how loyal your fans are and just how far your reach is. It looks like Wes is taking just that chance by putting up five pieces on eBay. There are only 2 days left so hurry up and make your bid as a big thank you for Wes’s great strip.

Simulated Comic Product – One of our earliest fans has just made it out of kindergarten. Not only has it pasted the 100th comic mark but it’s been around for a year and joined our favorite little community in Transplant Comics.

Bob the Squirrel – Every time I visit this strip I get a good laugh but it doesn’t last too long as the archives only go back two weeks. Well this strip has reached the vaulted 1000th strip mark. This number is on par with TV shows making their 300th show. Considering the age of our little medium it’s safe to say 3 years on the net is equivalent to 10 years on talk box. Now if only Frank could open all his archives this month in celebration.

Webcomics in Print – This new blog is having its first competition. Their prize is the new Beaver & Steve book – A Shoeful of Trouble and it’s open to anyone with a button badge to show off that they won. Five runner ups will get the Webcomics in Print button badges to show they entered. The competition starts on May 1st and ends on the 15th of May.


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