DS 69: Review of On the Rocks

Digital Strips : Show 69
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We finally have our show covering the We Love Webcomics Contest 2! entries. Zampzon, Phil, and myself sit down and give our opinions and officially announce the winners of both prize #1 and #2. For those who can’t sit through our little homage the winners are below.
In this episode we talk about:

  • We Love Webcomics Contest 2!
  • Mike’s Stupid Comics by Mike Laidman
  • On the Rocks by Tyler Martin

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    5 thoughts on “DS 69: Review of On the Rocks

    1. Considering how the only other time I drew Daku ended up with him dressed as a dominatrix, I think I\’m going to refrain from drawing the Digital Strips crew again. At least until my therapist gives it the green light.
      \”who does not have a Daku fetish, he swears\”

    2. heh heh… Just so you know, I\’m a \”she,\” not a \”he\” 😉 (oh, and it\’s pronounced \”ree-vah\”… but i think i\’ll let that one slide)

    3. Don\’t let it slide! Ever! TAKE EM TO COURT!

      And as for the Pronounciation, Phil had it right, it\’s Mega-lo-man-i-a-con. And Windex was more unexpected than water.

    4. Sorry, I should have done some research ahead of time reva. That\’s what I get for not being prepared.

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