[News] Atland Interviewed and Web Cartoonists Make Money

Sorry all this is from a couple days ago. I’ve been a little off my game lately. Oh well, if you didn’t know it yet, it’s still web comics news to you.

Nate Piekos, of Atland and Blambot fame, did an interview with Silver Bullet Comics recently. He talked about his projects and his art style. I’m always a junkie for any “how they do it,” behind the scene peeks at anything so I enjoyed it. More importantly, though, it will hopefully bring some more people into our community. According to the interview Joshua Sage, the Silver Bullet forums haven’t spoken too highly of online comics in general. Hopefully Piekos’s polished style (his own) and vast amount of bounteous cleavage (not his own) will turn a few heads and gain a few coverts.

We all know the old saying “Cleavage equals success.”

Speaking of cleavage, it looks like there’s plenty to go around the web comics world. I mean success, there’s plenty of success. Yesterday Ryan North of Dinosaur Comics came out and said that he’s been doing his comic full time for almost a year now. In order to quickly divert the attention, North pointed out that Jonathan Rosenburg, who recently celebrated the ninth anniversary of his strip Goats, is also “going pro.”

This is great news for both the creators and fans of the strips. I love to hear about people making web comics work for them. It means there doing what they love and the masses are supporting them. So get out there and buy some swag and support your favorite cartoonist’s cleavage. Once again, I mean success.


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