[News] “The Geek is Dead!” and Other April Foolishness

Greetings everyone. Happy April Fool’s Day. An entire day devoted to making other people look stupid. It’s the best holiday since my birthday. Cartoonists have always used this day as a chance to have a laugh of their own at the expense of the readers or to just have fun. I still have a special place in my heart for that time about ten years ago when all the syndicated cartoonists got together and swapped around. Naturally with their unlimited potential and complete lack of a governing power, web comics are generally able to pull off bigger and better pranks (which makes sense since they usually have bigger and better strips).

I don’t have must time for surfing today, although I have found a traditional artist swap (although in this case I wouldn’t have notice if they hadn’t said anything) between Irregular Webcomic and Legostar Galatica. There’s also something fishy going on at HellBound, but we’ll have to wait and see how it pans out.

Has anyone found any other April Fools out there in web comic land? If so, let me know. I really enjoy things like this. I afraid there won’t be quite as much as usual, just because it’s a Saturday and not to many strips update on Saturday. Still, it’s early and I can still hope for a April Fool’s Day Miracle.


8 thoughts on “[News] “The Geek is Dead!” and Other April Foolishness

  1. Shortpacked has been shut down by THE MAN and Housd has two ongoing intricate pranks which can be viewed via today\’s newspost.

  2. Man, April Fool\’s was a downer this year. A LOT fewer people did things. I\’m not sure if it\’s the fact that \”everyone remembers what you did last year and are expecting better\” or just the fact that it happened on the weekend when only 2% of websites get updated.
    Next year I guess.

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