Cleansing the Web Comic Colon

There are some days I that I scare myself with my reliance on technology. My Firefox got rabid and ate itself a few days ago and took with it all of my book marks. I remember sitting down at the computer for the daily journey through my favorite web comics and I ended up staring at an empty bookmarks folder. I’ll admit panicked a bit; I hadn’t typed in a comic’s url for months. I had no idea what to do next.

Fortunately, after I dried my eyes, I was able to remember a few addresses and from the links pages I was able to start reestablishing my bookmarks. Thanks to every creator with a big old links page containing 20+ strips linked to it. You made my life a lot easier. It’s been a very cleansing experience for me. I’ve been able to renew my love with some strips that I missed a few updates of and best of all, finding new strips to read everyday. It’s also been a period of reevaluation. There were several strips that I was about to mark again and then I realized that they weren’t really that good. I ended up cutting loose a lot of dead weight strips that I book marked in a moment of weakness As big of a pain in the butt the whole ordeal was, I’m glad it happened. I may do it again in six months or so. I’m going to recommend all of you do it yourselves too. You’ll feel 10 pounds lighter.


4 thoughts on “Cleansing the Web Comic Colon

  1. And I\\\’m sure you added The Amazing Superzeroes! to your new strips to check, right? Not only is it beautiful AND beautifully written, but it\\\’s done by me, your colleague, The Midnight Cartooner! Er… I mean, the alter-ego of your colleague, The Midnight Cartooner.

    This secret identity stuff is harder than you think.

    As for the regular cleansing, I feel that I read too few strips so if anything, I need to increase my input.

  2. Isn\’t it odd when you find that there is a limit to how much free entertainment you can \”buy\” with your time?

    I had similar experience when switching from Safari to FireFox. Thanks to tabbed browsing, though, the time spent keeping up has been slightly alleviated.

  3. This is why I only bookmark with Blinklist. I save my bookmarks there, and then add the category RSS feeds as live bookmarks in my Firefox. That way, if Firefox ever crashes (which it seldom does, but it has happened before), I don\’t lose any bookmarks – just the category RSS feeds, and I can replace those in just a couple minutes.

    And no, this isn\’t a cleverly-disguised ad for Blinklist — you can do the same thing with, too. =D

  4. The Honorable Hirotomo Wataro: Yeah it\’s kind of funny what stuff you\’ll go out of your way to avoid, even though it costs you nothing.

    And tabbed browsing is the best thing to hit the Internest since porn or online gaming, whichever you prefer.

    Nathaniel: Thanks for the link, that\’s a good idea.

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