Web Comics In the Media

It’s always a beautiful thing when web comics appear in the media. Typically that media is the newspaper but every once in awhile it’s TV and then my eyes get big. Why do we hunger for such attention? We have our own media but it’s being mentioned by the NY Times or on the talk box that we truly aspire to. Therefore the question is how to do it?

It looks like the strip Wulffmorganthaler, which we reviewed back I don’t remember when, was mentioned on the Daily Show. That’s right, the bastion of fake news saw fit to mistake the artists of the this webcomic as the creators of the infamous Prophet Mohammad cartoons. These guys do happen to be newly signed to the exact same newspaper. Now the question is what did this do to their site? Normally I would say it would be huge but considering I’ve read the strip and I still can’t spell the name there might a lesson here. Combining the last names of the artists for the name of a strip may produce an interesting combination but a horrible marketing tool.


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