DS 60: Review of 24 1/2 Water St.

Digital Strips : Show 59
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In this episode Daku chooses the online comic 24 and a half Water St. for a full review. With Zampzon out of the picture Daku and Phil ramble on about using blog comments to create drama.
In this episode we talk about:

  • 24 and a half Water St. by Dave Rigley
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    7 thoughts on “DS 60: Review of 24 1/2 Water St.

    1. C\’mon now guys, I didn\’t call him pretentious. As for the rest of it: Mea culpa. Bad habits are hard to break.

      But let me ask- Didnt you think shaking up the coke bottle with a hot button topic like Tim Buckley was going to get some frothing going? Even if it wasnt the intended frothing.

      Seriously now. Letsee some accountability.

    2. A bit off topic but I was wondering if anyone knows why Sinfest has stopped updating. I didn\’t notice anything on the site\’s frontpage about a hiatus and the people in the forums don\’t seem to have noticed or just don\’t care…

    3. You have corrected me William. You did not refer to him as pretentious and I took liberty in embellishing your sarcastic remark about Scott\’s habit of making his opinions of webcomic artists known.

      I have to admit that I was a little surprised to see some drama appear on the blog. On the other hand you knew exactly what you were stepping into when you added a comment ot your comment. It\’s all good times and sometimes we all take ourselves too seriously.

      As for Sinfest I hadn\’t been there in ages but I see that it hasn\’t updated since Jan 26. No idea why though.

    4. Yeah, I probably should have known that thread would grown beyond my ability to control it. Just like my puppy Skippy and everything else I\’ve ever loved.

      Anyway, I just went through the Sinfest forums, they have no idea why the break in updates. I\’m digging the current strip though, makes me laugh everytime I read it.

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