[News] Happy Burt Reynolds Day everybody

I’m a sucker for holidays. It doesn’t matter which one, Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day, Arbor Day, Wintereenmas, I love the general feeling of fun and good will that surrounds them.

Today is Burt Reynolds day. I guess since tomorrow is actually Burt Reynolds birthday today would by Burt Reynolds day observed. Either way, several strips across the Web are taking part in paying homage to the man.

Yirmumah started this whole thing last year (as far as I can tell, if I’m wrong let me know) and now several other strips have jumped on board. Knowing how these things tend to work, I’m sure next year even more will join in.

While I’ve never been the biggest Burt Reynolds fan (and I’m sure I’ll hear something about that) I still got a kick out of the whole thing. Some of the strips were pure gold.

Strips taking part in the festivities include Yirmumah, Theater Hopper, Joe Loves Crappy Movies, Joe and Monkey and Beaver and Steve.

To me, these fun, although often pointless, holidays and events are an example of the potential in the webcomics community. A group of creators get together and all of a sudden a theme is leaking it’s way across the Internet. It’s great.


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