[News] When Racoons Eat Too Much Cheese

I’ll be honest. I did not get today’s Chugworth Academy at first. This didn’t really surprise me. While I read Chugworth every update, in general I enjoy the artwork more than the writing. It’s just a style that doesn’t jell with me.

I figured it was just a reference to something I didn’t know about. But then I read the news post underneath and it all became clear to me and I felt it was worth sharing.

It’s a vicious cycle but it’s entertaining to me none the less.

Guy surfs Internet. Guy finds webcomic. Webcomic is strange and frightening beyond belief. Guy sends link to friends (kinda like when you find something really stinky you make your friends take a whiff). Friend finds strip he likes. Friend starts forum thread. Thread grows out of control. Spill out into other strips. Geek reads other strips, makes post about the whole thing here and there you have it.

Who knows, in a few weeks there could be cartoons on Newgrounds about saving raccoons from cheese box. and T-shirts for sell with the words “What is a cheese box?” on the front.

I actually read through Boston and Shaun, because I have a lot too do today and I needed something to do while I procrastinate everything. I don’t recommend it.

Also keep in mind “coon” here is short for racoon, which is funny. Not a racist term, which isn’t.


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