Webcomics, D&D and me

I have a bit of a confession to make. Despite being known world wide as The Geek, Ive never played a game of Dungeons and Dragons.

Regardless, several of my favorite webcomics are heavily based in the world of D&D and other pen and paper tabletop role-playing games. I really enjoy strips such as Order of the Stick, Commissioned and Dork Tower even though a lot of their jokes refer to the worlds of these games. This is largely because these strips also rely heavily on characterization, epic storylines and other non-gaming themes that keep me interested. Each of these strips have qualities that make them outstanding outside of the realm of niche strips.

I know some people avoid these strips because they either don’t know about the games or think that D&D is stupid and therefore strips related to it are by association. As a nonplayer, I’m here to recommend these strips to everyone. I’m living proof that you can enjoy these strips on their own merits.

At least give them a chance.

Ive actually learned a lot about the game from some of these strips that I may be able to get by in a game. Now I just need a dark back room of comic book store somewhere.


3 thoughts on “Webcomics, D&D and me

  1. Thanks for the link. I\’d never heard of Atland but it\’s actualy really good.

    More of a generic fantasy than D&D based so if anyone out there still won\’t read D&D strps you should check Atland out.

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