Least I Could Do Realizes a Dream, Sort Of

If you can remember way back to last summer you can recall a podcast where we interviewed the guys from LICD. They hinted there were big works coming down the pipeline. At first I knew it was the new artist Lar DeSouza and that was big. Then there was big news from Blind Ferret of the CAD animations. But nooooo! The big news has finally arrived in the form of LICD going animated. You’re thinking it’s pretty obvious they would do this considering they are helping produce CAD and the debut of blamimation but they decide to one up everyone.

The Least I Could Do animation is going to be FREE!

You read right. Ryan and company are producing a full feature short for free as a pilot. Reading the news release on their forum you’ll see this is just one more step in a dream. The dream where Rayne sleeps with every hot woman in the world.


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