A Few More Friday Updates, A Brand New Jimmy and Comic “Pamphlets”?

I see that the understated, yet quite funny, Jimmy Gardner has redesigned his site. Jimmy Gardner’s Web-O-Vision hosts his various works, including Imryll and some of the work he did for Pure Profit Comics. This brings me much pleasure.

Should we start referring to comic books as “pamphlets”? Whatever pretentious webcomic prick came up with that idea has earned the scorn of our beloved champion of online webcomic drama antics, DJ Coffman. He attacks the whole idea in a recent Yirmumah comic, and rightly so.


2 thoughts on “A Few More Friday Updates, A Brand New Jimmy and Comic “Pamphlets”?

  1. I don\’t know where the \”pamphlets\” expression originated, but it\’s been around for a good deal longer than webcomics have. I\’ve been seeing it pop up here and there for a decade, at least. I think it\’s just a reaction to the increasing prominence of the book collection/original graphic novel. (That, and the fact that glossy brochures is what mainstream monthly comic books increasingly resemble.)

    Anyway, the point is that it wasn\’t coined by a pretentious webcomics prick but by another prick entirely.

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