DS 54: Review of PVP Alive

Digital Strips : Show 54
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Zampzon returns from holiday vacation and he brings with him some changes to the show. In this episode we announce our newer, more streamlined way of making Digital Strips. We also review and discuss Blamimation, the effort between Scott Kurtz and Chris Straub to bring something new and interesting to webcomics.In this episode we talk about:

  • Blamimation from Scott Kurtz and Christopher Straub
  • PVP Alive Scott Kurtz’s efforts using Blamimation
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    3 thoughts on “DS 54: Review of PVP Alive

    1. Dear Strongbad,

      Scott Kurtz and Kris Straub have pioneered a new format where they do improve animations and post them online. You should check it out. 🙂

      S Robertson
      Ontario, Canada

    2. I love the improv feel of the Blamimations and the fact that you can see that the \”puppets\” have no legs :p

      As for the \”popsicle stick\” idea, I did that in a \”no Need for Bushido flash\” cartoon last year. :p It isn\’t the best flash animation ever, but if you want to see how the popsicle stick thing COULD look.

      The last one is hosted on Newgrounds here:

    3. This kinda\’ reminds me of the old \”Hulk\” cartoon from the 1960\’s, where they basically animated the comic book.

      Still, it\’s strange to see that over the last 5 years or so, (traditional) animation has become FAR less advanced and more streamlined, stylized and simplistic, while comics have evolved and are actually getting more advanced (ie. web comics).

      What once seemed like two seperate mediums; today, seems like two trains racing along the same track towards each other at high speed. Perhaps what we are begining to seeing now, is the point of impact.

      I guess the saying is true, \”the more things change the more they stay the same\”; however, in this case instead of \”comics\” being used as a tool to showcase \”animation\” (as they did back in the 1960\’s)it seems as though animation is now taking the back seat and is being used as a tool to showcase web-comics.

      Pretty interesting.

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