Oooh La La, Rainbow Orchid Now Speaks French

Here we have a news announcement from Inkytales about the online adventure strip The Rainbow Orchid:

The first episode of The Rainbow Orchid has been translated into French, thanks to the wonderful efforts of the members of the forum ligneclaire, who approached me about translating the comic last month. To read the translation, click the little flag that appears in the control bar during available strips (currently 1-32).

Back-colouring is going well with episodes 1 and 2 completed and 3 well on its way.

Episode 7, the first to go straight into colour, is just about to be completed with something of a double… cliffhanger!

or straight to the strip at


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  1. Thanks for fixing the link (it wasn\’t the \” of course, but the other URL on top… brain gone!). Anyway – thanks.

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