A Combination of Writing Giants

I meant to post this yesterday when the strip was up but no such luck.

Many times I’ve heard webcomics referred to as a writer’s medium. Even though there are strips out there like PX, Alpha Shade and countless others that have absolutely amazing, beautiful artwork, to me its the writing that brings me back. Of course good writing and artwork do often appear in the same strip. Don’t think that I’m saying anything otherwise.

This being said yesterday two of my favorite writing-only strips were merged together for the second time in a few days. David Morgan-Mar of the ironically named Irregular Webcomic gave readers his take on Ryan North’s Dinosaur Comics.

Neither of these strips feature traditional comic strips with Morgan-Mar using photos of Lego figurines and North using the same clip art of a couple philosophical dinosaurs. Yet in both cases the clever and funny writing that both creators have been producing great strips on a regular basis for going on three years now.

I was stoked to see this combination. These two strips are the only ones in all the Internet that I’ve ever been inspired to go look something up after reading in order to advance my understanding of the topic. To me this is a good thing, as I can then in turn, flaunt my newfound knowledge over my stupid friends who don’t read webcomics.

That’s my take, what to you out there think?


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