Webcomics Examined; Words Pressed

the Webcomics Examiner, bastion of incisive commentary and, dare I say, examination is changing its format from quarterly to weekly… Joe Zabel says so and I believe him.

Propinquitous to the format change are new features arriving in a quantity best described as “multifarious,” including a site search engine, a comments section, and archive indexing.

New format by that cockroach guy.

Some of you may notice that the new ‘zaminer is in wordpress, the free open source blogging ‘ware that’s been sweeping the webcomics ‘verse from Dee Jay to Warren. The introduction of the comic press theme aiding in its sweep.

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Ian has studied Latin, German, Classical Greek, French, Linguistics, and Theater. When he was a kid he wanted to be a dinosaur and, later, an English teacher. At some point, this proved unfeasible and so he went on to be a juggler, a musician, a bartender, an inventory manager, and, once, an efficiency consultant. He has loved comics since he wanted to be a dinosaur and his love continues to this very day, from Alan Moore\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Miracle Man (nee Marvel Man) to the Far Side. He even makes some of his own.

2 thoughts on “Webcomics Examined; Words Pressed

  1. \”Propinquitous\” is a word I\’ve loved since high school and \”multifarious\” just sounds great to me, so… no. No, I\’m not.

    Look out for \”festoon,\” \”supervening,\” and \”sagacious\” in future posts.

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