Webcomics Get a New Set of Clickwheels

I hate iPods.

I hate them, because I don’t have one.

But for those of you out there who do own the new video iPods, there is a new way to use your device to make people like me jealous.

Clickwheel is a new service that was just recently made available that lets users download webcomics and take them with them wherever they go.

The creator of the webcomic decides which strips to upload and the rest seems pretty plug and play. Like I said I don’t even own an iPod but I was able to follow the instructions easily.

The service already has some of my favorite strips taking part such as Rob and Elliot, Joe Loves Crappy Movies, Dinosaur Comics and many other big names.

While downloading the comics is free, the site does offer bonuses to the creators of the most downloaded strips as an incentive. To me it sounds like a great way for some creators to make a step toward making a living from their strip.

As of right now, I think this is a really cool thing, but not super necessary because I read fast and can get through a comic without needed to take it with me. This being said I would like the ability to take comics with me to share with friends.

While as of yet I have no proof to back me up, I’m pretty sure Digital Strips was the first step to this union of webcomics and iPods.


1 thought on “Webcomics Get a New Set of Clickwheels

  1. I\’m catching this a little late, but thanks for the shout out, and the support. The Ipod thing is new terratory so we\’re all nervouse about how it will be recieved, but – might as well get in on the ground floor. People like you spreading the word defenetly helps support the process. Thanks!


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