Ryan Estrada Gets Livejournal’s Goat

Webcomic cartoonist and all around adventurer Ryan Estrada is about to launch a new project in association with LiveJournal.com, the online blogging service. Ryan will be writing and drawing the weekly comic about Frank, the Live Journal goat mascot. Here’s a snippet from the press release:

Cartoonist Ryan Estrada and Livejournal have teamed up to bring you ‘Frank: The Comic Strip’, coming Wednesday, January 18th to Livejournal.com. This new weekly comic series follows the online life of pseudo cyber-celebrity mascot Frank the Goat. Upcoming storylines include the country-western ditty ‘Ballad’, the romantic comedy ‘Meme’, and a horror story called ‘The Tag’.

Ryan Estrada has been creating webcomics for ten years. ‘The webcomics industry is an outstanding place for creators to showcase their work,’ says Ryan, ‘as well as a great place for readers to find comics they’ll like. But the problem is, many new comics find it difficult to bring in readers from outside the realm of already avid webcomic readers. The most successful webcomics appeal to other communities. Artists who have successfully tapped into the gaming culture, independent music scene, and other groups have done great things for the industry by introducing more people to the possibilities of comics on the web.’


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