Theater? Theatre? Ah Poppycock!

Like a phoenix, rising from it’s own ashes. Poppycock Circus has been reborn and now soars through the air as Poppycock Theater.

Poppycock Circus was a webcomic by Steve Carey that ran for about two years until it went on hiatus in April of last year. The strip was great fun and had a style that I really like.

Poppycock Theater will feature many of the same characters as PC but will focus on the various popular movies of the day. The new weekly strip will join the ranks of other big name movie based strips such as Theatre Hopper and Joe Loves Crappy Movies.

While as I huge movie buff, I really get a kick out of most of these movie strips, I do worry about movie strips turning into the new video games strips. I don’t want to read a bunch of strips from every Tom, Dick and Harry who like movies and can draw a stick figure. These strips tend to be the same jokes from the big names poorly rehashed.

Poppycock Theater doesn’t seem to have this problem. While they’re only posted two strips so far, they’ve both been great. I’m looking forward to more.

Also I got quite a chuckle from today’s Reprographics. As a Mormon, I can assure you, we are quite tasty.


3 thoughts on “Theater? Theatre? Ah Poppycock!

  1. \’soars through the air\’… not \’sores\’… unless it has the pox or something… 😉

  2. Movie Comics may end up being the new gamer comics, but aren\’t there more people who watch movies than people who play video games? Aren\’t Movie Comics a step closer to getting people who don\’t read webcomics into the cycle?

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