Comixpedia is Crushed Under the Weight of Pennies

Even though Comixpedia is one of the biggest news sites on the web it still crumbles when Penny Arcade fires across it’s bow. Looks like there’s no preparing for such an event as many readers will have found the “Problem in Database Connection” page which is currently being displayed.

Gabe and Tycho have said in the past that they always try to be careful when they link someone but sometimes having half a million faithful readers leaves little space for caution.


1 thought on “Comixpedia is Crushed Under the Weight of Pennies

  1. It\’s funny because we\’ve held up to wangings and even a couple of slashdotting\’s before.

    But this time our host just crumpled on us. I don\’t know when we\’ll be back up (hopefully tonight) but since I was already planning on migrating to a new server I might just kick that into gear now.

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