Four Webthings Sans Funeral

Lifemeter features a tribute to Animal Crossing as done by Eisner Award nominee Raina Telgemeier — Raina’s work is always worth perusal.

Jason Salisbury of the Pet Professional is seeking a new artist, so, someone jump on that, please. I love this strip.

Kazu Kibuishi, of “Flight” and “Copper” fame, has posted a tutorial depicting his process for creating a Copper strip.

Shaenon Garrity has a pretty sweet review of Girl Genius up at the ‘zaminer — I mention this because I was rereading the archives earlier today thinking how awesome it was and now I return home to find that someone I respect as an artist and critic is has reviewed it. Can this day get better? I submit to you that it cannot.

You should all check out each of the above links.

Congratulations to Dave Kellett whose Sheldon cameo eases him gently into the ranks of trivia cameos like Jesse Ventura on “Small Wonder” and Brad Pitt on “21 Jumpstreet”Curse you again, Zampzon, for posting that before me!
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