Express Service For a New “Panda” Strip

Panda Xpress is one year old today. Now in and of itself that’s a big milestone but there are so many great webcomics out there that strips have anniversaries all the time. What I’m digging on right now is this new contest that the folks over at PX rolled out to celebrate the big day.

Insert Title here is the temporary name of a strip that PX crew has opened up for readers to completely drive the story. On their forum, they outlined the guidelines for readers to be able to submit scripts for the next strip.

The plan is to have everyone out there in Internet land to direct the action and PX will supply artwork to go along with it.

For full rules, check out the forum post.

This is what I love most about webcomics. I’ve admired PX since I found it (through Digital Strips of course) and now anyone can be part of the strip. It’s this availability and communication with the fans that set webcomics apart as an art form.

I also love to see webcomic creators to take on new project, especially ones like this that should stretch the strip in a new direction.


1 thought on “Express Service For a New “Panda” Strip

  1. Thanks \”The Geek\”.

    We appreciate you posting about [Insert title].
    We hope people will enjoy directing the narrative flow of a comic.
    We\’re still gonna keep producing PX! as we have been, right along with this new project.

    Again, thanks!

    -PX! Crew

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