The 2006 Web Cartoonists’ Choice Awards Swings Into Action

The WCCA has been the premiere web comic award for the past couple of years and there’s good reason. It’s open to anyone and most fans tend to agree, if grudgingly, with the categories and winners. Last year there was a little question of what qualifies as an Anthropomorphic Comic but we’ve got another year to take a swing at it. No worries as your favorite commentators will once again have a special show for you, but let’s if we can’t get that old coot Welton Colbert to join us if he can figure out how to use his phone.

The WCCA announcement:

On May 15th the nomination round begins. At this point, eligible cartoonists will be allowed to register and begin choosing nominees based on their work within the previous year. The nomination round will run until May 29th.

On June 12th the top nominees in each category will be announced and the polls will open once again for the final voting round. The final polls will remain open until July 10th with the winners being announced on July 17th. Please note that this is different from previous years in that the polls will now be open through Sunday with announcements appearing on Monday. This is to allow voters more freedom to examine potential comics over their weekend.

Also note that it’s not too late to join the WCCA planning committee. All levels of involvement are needed. In addition to some “executive” positions, which are still open, simply being part of the decision-making committee can be a huge help. The only way this process can grow and mature is through the active participation of an eager committee. If you’re interested in joining the WCCA planning committee, please email Mark Mekkes at


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