DS 50: Review of Feral Calf and Set to Sea

Digital Strips : Show 50
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In this episode of Digital Strips Zampzon flies solo. Daku is on vacation in Europe and Zampzon is traveling in Mexico with very spotty internet access. But, Zampzon traveled prepared uploading several comics to his laptop to take with him for just such an occasion. That’s just the kind of dedicated trooper he is. Zampzon reviews two excellent comics this week:

Here are the comics we talk about this week:

  • Feral Calf by Casey Sorrow
  • Set to Sea by Drew Weing
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    3 thoughts on “DS 50: Review of Feral Calf and Set to Sea

    1. Side note: Casey Sorrow was also the original illustrator of Eric Milikin\’s Fetus-X webcomic.
      I was psyched to see you review Set to Sea. Drew is an amazing talent!
      nice job Zampzon!

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