Drunk Duck Has a Little Too Much To Drink

I’m back from vacation and for those few who were interested I was touring the Iberian peninsula. To celebrate the building I’m working in has developed a smoking hole in its firewall so let’s see how many posts I can make.

After so many new collectives there were bound to be some of the older ones with problems. On the tail of the crash and burn of Gutterfly we have the infamous ComicGenesis antagonists Drunk Duck going down for the count. After a serious of plagues such as server problems raining down from the sky and all the strips disappearing into the void that is created when there are no back ups DD has sounded it’s own death rattle and declared itself legally dead. All that remains from the burning husk is a forum where the hope to rise again is being kept alive. Could this be another chance for Transplant Comics to gain members? From the press release:

It’s a sad day for DrunkDuck users. Unfortunately, endless problems with our hosts has left us with nothing. Here is an email from the host themselves:

Sorry, I haven’t been meaning to ignore you. I’ve been having problems with my laptop to the point where it isn’t even worth dealing with, now that GSH is shut down. I didn’t realize drunkduck has been down this whole time. I’m terribly sorry about that. I tried calling Steadfast today, and they told me that the account was deleted for nonpayment. It’s my fault for not keeping on top of that, and I’m sorry. I wish there was something else I could do, but it’s too late now.

You heard him kids, “it’s too late now”.

Luckily tblog.com is to the rescue. Not only does tblog belong to a close friend, but it is also similar in that it helps people build communities. So go build my friends… make a comic home here on tblog.com and hopefully DrunkDuck will be back again in some form or another.

Dylan Squires


3 thoughts on “Drunk Duck Has a Little Too Much To Drink

  1. This is why I\\\’ve always been a proponent of getting your own hosting for your comic. For $5 a month, you can get enough disk space and bandwidth to last you a very long time, and you\\\’re not at the mercy of the webmaster\\\’s buddy\\\’s dad\\\’s best friend\\\’s boss. If things go south you can pack up and go elsewhere instead of sinking with the ship.

    Not to mention the freedom of building your comic however you want instead of being stuck with what the site owners decided to give you.

  2. Some D-Duckers went to Transplant and some found Smack Jeeves. Others fell back to their pre-existing homepages. My strips personally were not skewed enough for a \’Transplant\’ apparently so I settled for SJ. The only thing I have over there now is my latest \’co-erced\’ creation, The FLOOR. http://thefloor.smackjeeves.com/

    -eric lindgren

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