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Sometimes I think I have these wrap-ups so because I don’t have enough time to make through the material itself to do a real report. Then I realize I know myself too well and go back and read the stuff I’m trying to get you to read.

Girl Genius – I haven’t had a chance to read Girl Genius but with all the mentions of it lately I may have to bump it up in the queue. At its current state Phil Foglio has left the strip at a cliffhanger to render a short story but Shaenon K. Garrity called Fan Fiction.

Comixpedia – The news hub has posted another must read round-table. I must admit that I’m completely bias as this is the first round-table I have been asked to participate in. The discussion is over webcomics and their impact in 2005. Where are they going, who inspired, and why all the drama? In addition there is a round up of the year’s news stories in last installment of Through the Looking Back Glass, an interview the creators of A Lesson is Learned But the Damage is Irreversable, and a reviews of Scary Go Round.

Scary Go Round – WTH! I was grabbing the link for the blurb I just wrote and found Scary Go Round returned to using machines on November 17, 2005. John Allison wrote on that day: Today’s comic heralds a return to drawing with machines – for the forseeable future. Soothsayers assure me that pen-and-ink stylings will return “in some form, at a later date”. Fact of the matter was that hand drawing was great fun, but the time taken to make each comic was spiralling out of control, despite the fact that I can’t draw very good cars, or do perspective in a box 9cm tall.

Webcomics Examiner – The year end issue has been released. This issue includes part 2 of the The Artistic History of Webcomics and the advisory board’s best of webcomics for 2005. The best this time around isn’t completely full of strips I haven’t heard of, just half full. It’s this same reason why I’m never quite sure what the criteria is or each member of the board just selects their favorite and writes a short blurb.

Websnark – Eric Burns explains why he doesn’t like Ctrl+Alt+Del. Simply he just doesn’t like and it doesn’t matter how often people tell him he should read it first before coming to a conclusion.


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  1. I still like the Illustrator-ed Scary Go Round. It\’s got a more distinctive style- stands out more in the crowd. And if it is quicker for the artist to make, more power to him!

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