Melonpool Reboot

With the launch of a new chapter entitled “Serenity Lost“, Steve Troop as rebooted his long running and popular webcomic Melonpool. When we discussed it on our show we noted that the story was extensively deep and complex. Self referential jokes abounded. None of that is necessarily a bad thing, but it sure was daunting for a first time reader to try and jump in.

The intimidating depth to his sci-fi/comedy epic was something Steve has been aware of for some time and his plans to make Melonpool a little more accessible to the casual reader is getting underway. Along with a fresh start and a new story line comes a new look and feel. The comic pages are bigger and in full color. I’m enjoying the new look so far. Ever since we reviewed Melonpool on the show I’ve been reading the comic regularly and I can’t wait to see where Steve is going to take things. I’ve actually understood each comic in the new chapter without having to dig through the 9 year long archives to get a reference or joke. I love the new format.


4 thoughts on “Melonpool Reboot

  1. I’m really enjoying the new Melonpool too – the colors and the larger comic page format really gives plenty of breathing room for the characters. Looking forward to the new chapter!

  2. I found Melonpool about 2 monaths ago and started reading from the beginning at that time. I caught up about a month ago, so the whole story is pretty fresh in my mind. I love the new look, I’ll have to see how the story goes (I expect well), but I wish I could get the old strips. I liked the crazy time travel sequences. 🙂

  3. I agree with geradin; part of me is sad that the old strips are gone, but the old story was becoming clunky and hard to follow even for those who had slogged through the archives. The new layout is beautiful, though.
    Something that just occurred to me…what will happen with the old crossovers with Zortic and …that other one? Well, hopefully the other sites still have the Melonpool strips so that their continuities aren’t too messed up.

  4. The new strips are crisp, clean and as funny as ever but, like previosly mentioned, the fact that the archives were erased is kind of irritating, especially cause I haven’t checked up on the story for a while. What I’m getting at is that I don’t know how the last story arch ended and it seems that I may never learn how all the time travel unravelled

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