It’s Like A Nightmare, No More Checkerboard

It’s not a bad dream, Checkerboard Nightmare is calling it quits. Creator Kristofer Straub has decided to end his popular strip. Tomorrow will be the final strip and today is the five year anniversary of the series.

Straub stresses on the announcement on his site that this is not the end for Checkerboard Nightmare or its character but that he will be shelving for a while so that he can focus his work on Starslip Crisis, another strip that he?s been doing for the last six months.

Also according to the announcement Straub feel Checkerboard has said everything he wanted it to. I feel like nothing I can say will explain it, read it for yourself here.

In other news, Tim Buckely recently unleashes a new look on the site for his popular gaming comic CTL-ALT-DEL.

Krishna is offering a chance for interested fans to buy a guest appearance in his popular comic PC Weenies. (scroll down a bit for the info, he announced it yesterday)


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