HiveHead Debuts on GraphicSmash

Here is a press release we received recently. I had a look at the comic and I am really digging the ink work on this one. Check it out.

From the press release: Created and Written by Robert Young / Illustrated by Steven Spenser Ledford

HIVEHEAD: The Sweet Food of Antiquity. In the wake of the departure of Athena Voltaire from GraphicSmash, another sprawling adventure epic gallops in to fill the considerable void.

Hivehead, an adventure set in ancient Carthage, debuted on GS today (Nov. 9) Meticulously researched by Young and drawn in Ledford’s beautifully naturalistic style, the comic is a throwback to classic adventure stories from the heyday of the genre, but with a decidedly modern approach.

Originally geared towards the print medium, Hivehead, garnered genuine interest from then-Image headman Jim Valentino, but when Valentino’s black and white Image non-line collapsed that potential print avenue fell through. Now years later with the advent of GraphicSmash, a webcomics venue devoted to adventure comics seems the perfect fit for the series.

The creators hope that their high-profile new webcomics venue will lead to many readers joining thecult of Hivehead.


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