People Are Looking At Us

When we first started Digital Strips we decided that we were going to hold off telling anyone about the site or our show for a while, until we had a few episodes under our belt. The plan was to get like a month’s worth of content online and then start trying to get the word out about what we were up too. That plan fell through within days of posting our first show when we started seeing traffic coming into our site. It’s weird how the internet works, if it’s out there someone, somewhere, somehow will find it. Amazing.

I think it’s very cool that there are other podcasts out there talking about webcomics. It’ll bring more attention to the medium from people who might not otherwise come across them. Maybe someday there will be enough shows out there where could start a whole webcomics network.

Anyway, today’s comic reflects how we felt the first time we realized people were actually listening to us. Exciting and weird as it is, even behind miles of ethernet cable and a sitting here anonymously behind a keyboard, just a touch of stage fright kind of crept in.


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