Boondocks Brings IT to Adult Swim

If you haven’t seen the first episode then go away before I fart in your general direction. I’ve been waiting for this show for months now. For those who don’t understand you have to live in Atlanta and see the 5 different billboards which are strategically placed along my 15 min drive back and forth to work. Adult Swim has triumphed before with Samurai Jack but I was not prepared for what a show would look like if a Comic writer was actually given full reigns.


It was so funny and scathing of American culture that I was expecting Big Brother to bust through my door. The first 5 min before the credits has Huey getting up on stage at a tea party for rich folks. He lowers the mic and gives a short monologue on Bush and Devils causing all the rich white folks to start rioting. You think that’s funny? It’s a dream of course as the grandfather slaps Huey awake and tells him that you should never tell white people the truth, you should lie like he’s done his whole life. Ouch.

The point of the whole episode was nothing to do with race or politics but was aimed out how rich people care more about themselves then the world around them. He treats them like mindless zombies that only care about finding the next entertaining event. There was ample use of the N word has inspired some to take action. Do you think people like this don’t realize the whole reason of the strip, and now the show, is to get people to think and act?

Am I’m going to keep watching the show? Hell yeah.


1 thought on “Boondocks Brings IT to Adult Swim

  1. I wasn’t all that wowed by the first episode, the preview of the second looked a little more interesting …

    But then, I still haven’t forgiven Cartoon Network for cancelling Samurai Jack so I might be a bias right now…

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