Gutterfly, Be Gutterfree

Gutterfly Comics is calling it quits as of November 26th leaving some 20 webcomics homeless. True to its name, Transplant Comics is asking for submissions from the soon to be disposessed.

Opportunities continue to abound. In honor of the PA CCG, I will play the polysyllabic card and say that, in fact, opportunities are abundant, ubiquitous, and prolific.

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Ian has studied Latin, German, Classical Greek, French, Linguistics, and Theater. When he was a kid he wanted to be a dinosaur and, later, an English teacher. At some point, this proved unfeasible and so he went on to be a juggler, a musician, a bartender, an inventory manager, and, once, an efficiency consultant. He has loved comics since he wanted to be a dinosaur and his love continues to this very day, from Alan Moore\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Miracle Man (nee Marvel Man) to the Far Side. He even makes some of his own.

3 thoughts on “Gutterfly, Be Gutterfree

  1. That is terribly crappy to do business like that… then BAM, you’re gone!

    I can’t stand people who hype and talk a giant game and they’re just full of crap. All the while using creators for thier own endeavors, then leaving them out in the cold. This use to happen A LOT in the comic book world, and I hate seeing it online now too.

  2. I hope it won’t be a regular thing. Gutterfly was started as something fun but they lost their way as soon as it became solely a buisness venture. There was no reason for them not to just get a couple extra hands on board to help out, cut back their time working on the site and their own comic (Thomas and Gary, the owners, apparantly spent 8-10 hours a day on that stuff. Sure). What a mess.

  3. Way of the Samurai

    Green wicked ways has been around for so many years and has given us many minutes of entertainment. We’re sad to see them go. It seems only appropriate to reach back into our animation archives and revive the old Shoot to Kill animated Green wicked ways music video we did last year. Starring the creators of Green Wicked ways!

    Let’s all take a silent moment and reflect on their passing. No one used as much green as Green Wicked Ways. There are many lessons to learn from the Gutterfly Saga, but these few simple Haiku speak many truths.

    Fame is what I want

    Work is hard I don’t like it

    Time to drink a beer

    Or conversely…

    I traveled down all

    But didn’t commit to any

    Why even begin

    But perhaps… Like the stream winding down the mountain, this flows to the heart of it

    Fame is a fountain

    I tossed in all my quarters

    Then took them back out

    This final thought, the road to success isn’t only about opening the doors, it’s about going through them.

    Somberly… The Alpha Shade Team.
    PS. This music is suitable for TV and Film.

    PPS Let’s do lunch!

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