Web Comic Wrap-up

The news is just pouring in this week. My next post will have some news that I couldn’t help but just foaming at the mouth. But first to web comics.

Comixpedia – What? A news site can cover another news site! Besides, it’s the November 2005 issue of the magazine which deserves mention. Besides the obviously huge collaboration between our Zampzon and Ryan Estrada there will of course be Feeding Snarkies and a little Essence, which one should never miss. This month is all about Mystery WebComics with an interview and Through the Looking Back Glass.

Dumbrella – If you want to do it right then you have to do yourself. First I was surprised that they weren’t running shop themselves to begin with but then to find out Vault Distribution had screwed up so bad that the Dumbrella guys drove there to relieve them of their booty. Now that everything is cleared up the guys are asking everyone to get in touch if they haven’t received their purchase within the next 2 weeks.

Penny Arcade – I use to play all sorts of card games in the past but was always put off by either how expensive or how complicated they ended up becoming. Let’s not forget that I simply had no vested interested in the product beyond my own entertainment (don’t get me wrong , that is most important). Now it looks like I can get a game I can both enjoy and feel good for buying. Take a sneak peak at some of the cards from the new PA card game.

Butternutsquash – I’ve been meaning to read this strip for months now. Back in February I think we were sent 10 requests by our listeners to review these guys and that’s when we only had 5. That of course implied these guys have some kind of cult following, which I wouldn’t touch with a 10′ pole. Well maybe I would jump in and drink the koolaide but that doesn’t mean I can’t fool myself. Anyways these guys keep moving with their book announcement with Speakeasy Comics.


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