DS 45: Interview with John Hernandez, AJ Jerbic, and Kat Santoro

Digital Strips : Show 45 [10.7 MB]
This week on Digital Strips we talk to some of the folks from Rampage Network (rampagesession.com), an online web comic hosting service and webcomic collective. We interview John Hernandez, the “Godfather” of Rampage and two of the cartoonists in his stable of talent, AJ Jerbic and Kat Santoro. We also debut our new theme music thanks to Cat Garza of magicinkwell.com.This week we talk about :

  • Rampage Network with John Hernandez
  • Frequency by AJ Jerbic
  • Cat Legend by Kat Santoro
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    33 thoughts on “DS 45: Interview with John Hernandez, AJ Jerbic, and Kat Santoro

    1. uh, keenspace changed their name to comic genesis (comicgen for short). should probably take note of that for future interviews.

      keenspot and comic genesis (formerly keenspace) are not the same thing. keenspot has about 50 invitation-only comics (that included creators like the blank label guys), comicgen has about 6000 (everybody\’s invited).

    2. We’ve known about the switch from KeenSpace to Comic Genesis since it happened. At the time that Kat left the newly named Comic Genesis it was still called KeenSpace which means we were correct in stating she had left Keenspace.

      Of course KeenSpot and Comic Genesis are not the same thing. KeenSpot has some of our favorite comics, many of which we have already reviewed. If you remember though the reason KeenSpace changed it’s name to Comic Genesis was because of the fact that everyone kept mixing up the the names. This doesn’t excuse Zampzon, but then what can you expect from someone who gets bored with details. 🙂

    3. Cat’s theme song and ad were great!

      Otherwise while you guys did a decent job with the interviews and the two artists were nice enough, let’s face it, the two comics covered are totally amateurish, badly drawn, horribly lettered and colored…basically every stereotype of what bad webcomics represent.

      I’m mystified how this Rampage guy is willing to put up his own money to host so many bad comics. It seems mostly philantropical at this point.

    4. It is spelled “philanthropical”. and if you think your comic is better please post a link to it here.

    5. I’d like to say that Catlegend is my favorite comic out there! As for saying that it’s badly drawn and colored, you might need to look agian or get your eyes checked!

    6. Eeee! I absolutely adore Cat Legend. I’ve been reading webcomics for years, and very few have caught my attention like this one. I’d recommend this comic to anyone who enjoes webcomics.

    7. Well sure, at first the comic isn’t perfectly drawn, but peoples’ styles change over time. I just started reading a few months ago, and I’ve noticed an improvement. Some people learn as they go, and I think Kat’s been doing a great job.

      Plus the story rocks.

    8. Hey I love Cat Legend, and read it regularly. If you have an opinion that’s going to hurt someone please keep it to yourself.

    9. YEAG! CL rocks my face off, i mean, how could you not like it! Or bing for that fact :3

      This is Kel btw….just wont let me LOG ON AS ME!!!!! GAH!

    10. I’m listening to show 45 at this moment. Very entertaining, guys. One constructive carp: work on your sound. I found myself doing slide trombone action on the volume control.

      Otherwise, I’m gonna book mark you guys.

      I never knew Cat Legend was hosted by Rampage. I’ve been a fan of this for a few months (and will continue to be). It may not be everybody’s cup ‘o tea, but I’m entertained, at least!

      Keep on keeping on, Ms. Santoro.

      As far as Rampage is concerned, I think it’s fabulous. I have a day job (heh), so I can afford a ‘vanity site’ for my little ‘hobby’.

      P.S. Flatwood kicks major behind. And speaking as an Agnostic, I can say that you don’t have to be Born Again to like it, so I encourage everyone to stop by there for the Sacred Smackdown!

    11. I’m just posting in real quick to say that I love Cat Legend, and that it’s drawn by a very sweet talented young woman who is also one of the most patient and kind people I know. It’s one of the best webcomics I read, and that’s saying something. If anyone else has a problem with Cat Legend, please take it up directly with the author, her e-mail is freely available on the Cat Legend website.

    12. I think Cat Legend is an awesome webcomic and currently have it bookmarked on my computer as I eagerly wait for every single update.

    13. Uhm I don’t know how they look at comics where you come from but Cat Legend is simply said great. (If I say otherwise the hitfae’ll get me)

    14. i think catlegend is very well drawn and has a very creative plotline. if you would like to criticise, please tell what you think miss santoro could do better, not just say some mean things you cant back up.

    15. When you have the determination and talent to actually make a comic better looking, more dedicated and with better writing than Cat Legend (DAMN NEAR IMPOSSIBLE), THEN you can criticise it. If you don’t, then, well, you’re little better than a whiner.

      – Ebi

    16. “… basically every stereotype of what bad webcomics represent.”

      You have a right to your opinion. So do I. YOU, incidentally, are basically every stereotype of what bad forum assholes represent. You are ignorant, rude, and a coward.

      If you need a polished, immaculatestrip go buy whatever tripe DC just shat out. Webcomics are free opportunity to look at what new people are trying.

      These artists are not bigshots, they are not Sluggy Freelance or Penny-Arcade, but they\’re putting themselves out there in spite of their own insecurities, why rip them apart so unjustly?

      Also, many of the Rampage comics DO outdo these bigshots in a number of ways. Flatwood’s style is unique and graphically phenomenal. CatLegend (in addition to being artistically dynamic) has made bold choices with how she crafts her story – it is truly well written, which you don\’t even seem to take into account.

      If you want to criticize, do so – but being critical and being a complete prick are very different.

    17. Well, the prick has already been told, but I didn’t want to be left out. So my two cents: from start to present, CL has the most DRAMATIC change in appearance I’ve ever seen in any comic, on the web or not. I think even those who adore it will agree that it’s not beautiful at it’s beginning (Moss promises to someday redo it, yay), but the latest strips are awesome. And people only improve at things like this.
      Some of the most popular webcomics I’ve seen out there border on ugly, and people turn to them rather than the pretty stuff not for the appearance but for the story and the depth of character. Something Mr/Ms. Whiny would not understand, obviously.

      Beauty’s on the inside, no?

    18. CL is one of the most AWESOME webcomics out there! The use of originality and adaptation of ‘legends’ is, quite frankly, outstanding, and it is extremely well drawn, coloured and worded. The plot is extensively thought out and I think anyone who has been reading this wonderful comic for more than a few strips would know and appreciate how much love and hard work Moss puts into her beautiful comics.

    19. “Some of the most popular webcomics I’ve seen out there border on ugly”

      YOU said it, not me. It seems all the friends and family have posted. Frankly if you’re incapable of accepting or understanding legitimate criticism you probably shouldn’t put your work out to the public. The creators aren’t bad people, just bad “artists”. It happens. You get better with practice and time.

      The difference between the web and print is that the web is more of an indiscriminate (or democratic if you prefer) testing ground. In other words ANYONE can display their work, whether they’re competent or not. Not unlike fan fiction. It’s not a bad thing per se. The problem is when the very same people attack anyone who critiques them.

      Why put your work out there if you only want false praise from a bunch of slavering idiots (kinda like many of the immature “pricks” above)?

    20. otch, I’m not saying be nice. But you did your best to take away everything I work for. I’m not a bad artist. I am sure of this. These people have no NEED to write these things except they believe them. I know this. And no,none of these people I personally know. They genuinely enjoy the comic. You don’t have to like my stuff but, please, at least be respectful of me and some fans.

    21. I’ve been catching up on Digital Strips podcast since i got my iPod about a month back. These guys rule at what they do. I was into webcomics way back in the old days. As I sat bored in university, surfing randomly for entertainment between classes, in 1996-1997, webcomics and flash animations managed to fill that time pretty well.

      Somewhere between 2000 and 2004 my attention span got diverted elsewhere. I think I got overwhelmed with the boatload of Keenspot stuff… I simply got too overwhelmed to dig for new stuff.

      Digital Strips has managed to single-handedly make me feel guilty for giving up on this awesome movement. This podcast is by-far one of the best shows to divert my attention to a great set of comics all in one sweep.

      Great job guys, keep up the great work! And keep finding great ways to take up my time instead of doing my work.

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