Oh No, it’s a Robot

Ryan North, the mind behind the always-unique Dinosaur Comics, has decided to flex his tiny T-rex arms in different field. His new venture is not a new comic, but rather a tool to help web comic fans around the Net more easily enjoy their favorite comics.

Have you ever found a comic that you thought was just great and you couldn?t wait to show your friends? By the time you were able to share it though, weeks had passed and by the time you found it again, your buddies have wandered off bored and disgusted?

Well no more my friends. North has put together a new web site called Oh No Robot that will allow for web comic readers to search for particular strips from their favorite series. The service is free, allowing creators to sign up and either transcribe their achieve or have fans do it. You can read all the details for yourself here.

I did a few searches of North?s own Dinosaur Comics and the system seems to work great. I hope everyone takes advantage of this service so that we can all more easily access all the great comic material out there.


2 thoughts on “Oh No, it’s a Robot

  1. Just for the record, Ryan and I conceived the site together, and I’m now listed as co-creator. But Ryan is doing most of the heavy lifting and probably deserves more credit.

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