Calvin’s 20th Birthday

Fans of the extremely popular, genre-redefining, syndicated strip Calvin and Hobbes should take a moment today to reread some of the strips. Today marks the 20th anniversary of Bill Watterson?s first appearance in the funny pages.

Zach Miller of Joe and Monkey posted a tribute to the strip that has inspired so many others. If there are any other web comic artists who did Calvin themed strips today, that I missed, post them in the comments, I?d love to read them.

I know a lot of people have said a lot of things about Calvin and Hobbes. I really can’t say anything that hasn’t been said before. Only that this strip, more than any other, is why I started reading comics on the level I do. It changed to world to the point where comic strips could be more than they had been before. It will probably alway be my favorite strip, printed or web based.


1 thought on “Calvin’s 20th Birthday

  1. Calvin and Hobbes is the comidiec comic pair in my kids 2nd grade class and I like reading them at night.Why did they do away with Calvin and Hobbes comics?If Somebody could make a better comic pair better than Bill Watterson,it would be a miracle.He is just amazing.

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