Steve Napierski Launches Dueling Analogs

What do you do if you have too much time and passion? You launch a new web comic. Steve Napierski, creator of The Outer Circle, has picked entered the gaming web comic genre with his new strip Dueling Analogs. It comes with a brand spanking new site and style. Immediately you notice the use of a hand held device as the display for the strip along with a manual at the bottom with button instructions and a news section where the manual text would be. Such a simple layout is both pleasing and refreshing.

The new style is a departure from the inking of the OC with a cell shading approach. It’s very cartoony and looks like it would go well in a Gamecube game. The new strip updates on Tuesdays and Thursday and you can catch the first strip this past Thursday. As a side note Steve plans to release the OC in a graphic novel format soon.


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