Web Comics Predicted To Win Comics Wars

Why is it that I find most articles like this in University newspapers? A couple weeks ago there was a nice little article in The Eagle about how newspapers are going stale and online comics are just waiting in the batter’s box to take over. The article takes the perspective on who everything will eventually be digital so the natural progression of the funny pages will be the web comic. What makes this article stand out is Jeff Lambert appears to have done his homework and contacted a few of his favorite creators: Nicholas Gurewitch of Perry Bible Fellowship, Ryan North of Dinosaur Comics, and Joey Comeau of A Softer World.

There are a couple limitations though as the perspective of web comics presented is from fellow students. College students are pretty much the vast majority of readers of web comics and for those who are not students currently there’s a good chance they were recently or will be soon. Does this mean Jeff should not be thanked for the exposure? Of course not. The fact is that college students do eventually graduate and take over the world so maybe Vasilchenka was right for believing webcomics will replace hard-copy comics. So we shall end with the best and last line of the article:

Strictly hard copy comics are going to last as long as newspapers do, which at this rate isn’t that long. Some people don’t realize that digital media is the future.


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