Girlamatic Announces New Editor, New Comics Line Up

The popular female oriented web comic collective GirlAMatic is going through a rebirth. They have recently announced a new line-up of comics and a new editor is taking the lead. As of October 1st Lisa R. Jont? is taking the reigns.

Here is a quote from the press release from Lisa: “After two and half years, Lea Hernandez, the originator, Founding Editor and driving force behind GirlAMatic has decided to step down. It?s been a long and successful run, but it seems she felt it was time to shake things up and, at the same time, find more time to actually make comics herself. I would not deny her

According to a recent LiveJournal entry, all around awesome cartoonist guy Ryan Estrada will be contributing his own comic Aki Alliance to the new GirlAMatic stable of comicy goodness. Ryan (who is waiting for me to get back to him about a side project which I swear will be sent to him very shortly … I swear), created Aki Alliance as a spinoff story from his recent 168 hour comic project. It is due to begin updating regularly in mid-November.


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