Digital Strips Comic Update, Life is Better With Zoinks

Today’s comic is about the benefits of Zoinks Magazine. I actually used this joke during the interview we did with Bill Charbonneau, the editor of the webcomics newspaper, and now that I have the actual newspaper in my hands I still think it’s funny.

I have now read through my copy of Zoinks like three times and I am just so impressed with how this turned out. It looks so professional and well put together. The ads, the articles, and of course the comics themselves all look great. This could be the bridge between the web comics and the print comics world that could bring a lot of exposure to some very deserving independent cartoonists. If you haven’t ordered a copy yet (now only $1.95 per issue) you are really missing out.


6 thoughts on “Digital Strips Comic Update, Life is Better With Zoinks

  1. I wish they had copy-edited it a little better. If I can ever be a help in this area, let me know. I have 4+ years as editor of a newspaper… though it\’s been about 10 years…

    Rusty eyes are better than no eyes, though.

  2. I thought that Bill did an outstanding job with Zoinks. It looks professional and will hopefully help attract new reader to the webcomics fold – nicely done!

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