Boxcar Comics Adds Two New Comics to it’s Roster

Two members of the popular web comic collective Dayfree Press have jumped ship and joined with another popular web comic collective. Nothing Nice to Say by Mitch Clem and Theatre Hopper by Tom Brazelton join the ranks of Boxcar.

Here is the announcement on the Boxcar site: “We here at Boxcar welcome two new members today by adding Nothing Nice To Say and Theater Hopper to our roster. The addition of these new members provides an extra punch to our already fantastic line-up, which features some of the best comics on the internet.

Here is a quote from Mitch’s site about the move: “Why? Lots of reasons. The marketable ones being that I am working on a number of projects with other Boxcar folk (some of which you’ll find out about very soon, some much later) and so it just makes sense for me to be with them. Besides, Boxcar had been half my idea way back before I even joined DayFree. I even NAMED it! (What, no one else noticed the collective is named after a Jawbreaker song?) No, I wasn’t expecting it to still come together after I left for DayFree, but things happen. Anyhow, DayFree had been around since long before me, and I really didn’t do much for them anyhow, so I’m certain they’ll do just fine without me. And hopefully they’re not as pissed as they seem about my departure or else San Diego’s gonna be AKWAAAARD next year.

And a quote from Tom about his move: “After nearly three and a half years of making this web comic, I wouldn’t have gotten twice as far without friends. Zach from Joe and Monkey, Mitch from Nothing Nice to Say and Joe Dunn from The Coffee Achievers. These are all guys I know personally. We’ve been to comic book conventions together. Shared meals and had drinks. Laughed our asses off and told stories. Some of them I’ve been e-mailing since we started this crazy racket. We came up together. They’re close friends. People I never thought I would meet in my lifetime and they’re some of the most sincere confidants one could wish for. I tore me up to see these guys *over here* and there I was *over there* So I had to make the switch.

All this ties in pretty well with an upcoming show we’re planning. We’ll have a roundtable discussion on web comic collectives with some of the members of various groups.

In related news, Wes Molebash of Boxcar comic You’ll Have That has announced he is moving to a 5 day a week update schedule. That is a pretty big commitment, but we know Wes has the chops to pull it off. Now you can check his site everyday for a new comic.


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